Christmas is coming!

Peterhead Christmas lights 2013
Peterhead Christmas lights 2013

We may just be heading in to summer, but thoughts are already turning to the town’s Christmas lights display.

Peterhead Civic Society has been contacting local organisations with a view to forming a larger working group to deliver festive lights and associated events for December.

Society chair Kevin O’Brien said: “We want the Light Up Peterhead initiative to be truly inclusive – it really has to evolve into a wholly-owned community project.

“The various groups in the town have expertise that can be put to good use.

“We in the Civic Society are happy to co-ordinate the process again this year but we don’t have all the answers as was demonstrated at times last year.

“That being said the public and business support in 2013 was phenomenal thanks in no small part to the fundraising efforts of our team.”

Groups which haveb been contacted include the town’s community council, business forum, Scottish Week, Round Table, Rotary Club and Peterhead Projects.

Kevin continued: “We hope that we will receive a positive response from these organisations and we are, of course ,aware that each have their own initiatives in place, but a co-ordinated team can really help us make things bigger and better this year.

“We would be delighted to hear from any other individuals or groups who would like to be considered for inclusion in this group.”