Breathing new life into old school


Buchanhaven Heritage Society took a step forward towards breathing new life into the former Buchanhaven Primary School last week.

Work has begun on a draft plan for the old school by McAdam Design [Scotland] Ltd which forms part of the Stage 2 Asset Transfer process and which will inform future discussions as the process unfolds.

One of the aims is to support community needs identified in the community action plan which was developed with the support of the Buchan Development Partnership in 2012.

The next stage of this process will see the plan, 3D images of how the old school may look if approved and information on how the centre will be furnished with support by Vintage Shabby Chic Furniture, all going on display for futher community consultation and guidance.

Society chair Alex Geddes told the Buchanie: “These are exciting times for society members who have worked so hard developing the community action plan and are currently working on their Business Development Plan in conjunction with the Development Trust Association for Scotland, on behalf of the community.

“Working with Kevin O’Brien of McAdam Design on the draft plan has been inspirational and his enthusiasm for the preservation of old buildings is a great asset.

“The community feedback has been very much in line with keeping the character of the former school both inside and out intact, while supporting future community development needs. I think we are heading in that direction now and look forward to the consultation in the near future.”

Kevin O’Brien commented: “The work that Alex and his team at the Heritage Society have done in bringing the old lady back to life has been fantastic to see.

“My late grandmother, Margaret, was a Buchaner brought up in Skelton Street, the daughter of Sophia and James ‘Toddies’ Taylor, a fish salesman.

“I think it’s important to acknowledge where you come from and the opportunity to contribute to this project is one I couldn’t let go by. I really hope the end users will be happy with what we propose.”