Andy keeps Probus Club up-to-date

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President Ian Burnett introduced Andy Devine, Community Woodland Officer, who introduced himself to members with a short biography and then gave a very informative account of what Peterhead Projects is trying to achieve.

They are involved in a number of innovative ideas from the Trading Post, Farmers’ Markets, Car Boot sales, the 2ReUse project and take over of the Lido Caravan Park.

This is a huge commitment of time and talent given by a number of volunteers, providing jobs, work experience and volunteering opportunities in the area.

The Buchan Meadows Community Woodland covers about 17 hectares, leased to Peterhead Projects Ltd by Score Engineering for 25 years.

Its aim is to provide an outdoor learning facility and in general, provide opportunities for adults and children to interact socially and educationally in the fresh air.

The ‘Big Society’ is in action to bring huge benefits to our community!

At the end of his presentation, Andy thoroughly deserved the warm thanks he received for all members.

The next club meeting takes place at the Palace Hotel today (Tuesday) at 10am with the guest speaker being J. Stewart Drysdale, Secretary of Peterhead Aged & Infirm.

The inter-family rivalry between the Bruces and the Comyns in the 13th and 14th centuries in Buchan had a direct result in the countryside becoming a blasted heath with the ancient woodlands being savagely burned to the ground.