A real year to remember for Buchanhaven Heritage Society

There is a busy autumn season in store at Buchanhaven Heritage Society
There is a busy autumn season in store at Buchanhaven Heritage Society

Buchanhaven Heritage Society is in the final throes of a review period prior to announcing its first big exhibition of the autumn season.

As part of the review the group looked at where its work started in May 2012 and cross referenced what the public said at the Planning for Real event compared to where things are currently.

The society is pleased to identify all key aims and objectives have now been accomplished.

A wide range of exhibitions and events have taken place at the centre during that period, attracting large crowds and positive feedback.

And as the new season approaches, the events being planned look certain to continue to be memorable ones for those who attend.

Some additions over the last 12 months have included the introduction of a large knitting and crochet class, and and equally well-attended art class with the added benefits that such classes bring with them such as social interaction at all levels and the ability for a community to come together and their strength then reflected back into their local area.

It became clear during the review process that ‘community’ is far from dead in Buchanhaven and with the resurrection of the Gala Day underlined that community alone will bring about change when all else fails.

Other popular additions have been the Vintage Teas, where the proceeds from the last event were split equally between the Deep Sea Mission and the RNLI.

Other community members have benefitted from the proceeds of events and the identity of the area has now been firmly re-established.

Society member George Cameron told us: “The review process has been a great way of reflecting all the benefits the work at the centre has given back into the area.

“The strength of the community is clear for all to see and the feedback from the visitors and club members has been fantastic.

“We look forward to delivering what the community want and to working with the Development Trust Association for Scotland again as we enter phase 2 of the feasibility study.

“Our strength lies with listening to the community and noting what it wants then delivering on those wishes. As we do so the community flourishes and grows from strength to strength and to be just a part of that is a great feeling.

The details for our next exhibition will follow soon, but is certain to be of interest to a wide selection of the community and wider town of Peterhead.”