Mintlaw Group Practice provides urgent care only for rest of the month

Mintlaw Group Practice is only providing urgent care for the next couple of weeks as Aberdeenshire Health & Social Care Partnership prepares to take over.

Tuesday, 22nd June 2021, 8:11 am
The running of Mintlaw Group Practice is being taken over by Aberdeenshire Health & Social Care Partnership, and is only providing urgent care for ther next two weeks.

From July 1, the management and operation of the practice will become the responsibility of the Health & Social Care Partnership.

It follows a decision earlier this year by the group practice’s one remaining partner to end its contract with NHS Grampian

The Health & Social Care Partnership has had a dedicated team of professionals working in the practice for the last few weeks looking at where and how procedures can be improved.

So far work behind the scenes has taken place but there is still much to do to reset and rebuild the practice ahead of the official take over date.

A statement from the Health & Social Care Partnership says: “To continue the work to streamline procedures we will be moving to an ‘urgent care’ only service for the next two weeks which will give us the time we need to improve the service for all patients.

"There is also a shortage of clinical staff and we have been working with colleagues across Aberdeenshire and the wider NHS Grampian family to ensure that the urgent care service we are able to provide for the next two weeks is a good one.

“So, we are asking the patients of Mintlaw for even more of their patience.

"We know things have been tough but we are here to improve the service and care you will get and we need your help to do it.

“For the next two weeks we would ask that you really consider whether your issue/ailment/illness/injury is an urgent one, that requires a GP or whether it could be helped with information from NHS Inform or by a community pharmacist?

“During this time we will also be suspending the use of eConsult on our website.”

Mintlaw Group Practice has a practice population of around 8,500.

At the time of the decision to end the contract with NHS Grampian, Practice Partner Dr Jillian Macfarlane said: “This has been a difficult decision for me personally, but I am sure this is the right decision for the practice.

"I intend to continue in my role as GP for the Mintlaw community and with the support of the Aberdeenshire Health & Social Care Partnership I’m sure the practice will continue to care for patients for many years to come.”

Alternative sources of medical assistance include the NHS Inform website – – which is a great source for checking symptoms and getting help, and it also provides lots of self-help information.

Community Pharmacies – including Rowlands Pharmacy in Mintlaw, Websters Pharmacy in New Deer, and Websters Pharmacy, Buchanhaven Pharmacy, Boots Pharmacy and Clerkhill Pharmacy in Peterhead – can also provide expert advice and information, advise, assess and provide treatment for a range of minor ailments, and dispense prescriptions.

Patients at Mintlaw Group Practice should order prescriptions in the usual way, which should be ordered at least a week in advance.