League of Friends donate equipment to hospital

Peterhead Community Hospital is feeling the benefit of new equipment after it was kindly donated by The League of Friends for Peterhead and Ugie Hospitals.

Monday, 21st January 2013, 12:50 pm

The Emergency department received a new state-of-the-art health monitor which can be used on all patients.

The monitor can check a patient’s blood pressure and can be a vital piece of equipment.

Sister Alison Leslie said: “The League of Friends do a lot to raise funds which lets us buy essential equipment that everyone can use. The community will get the good of it too so it is great.

“The monitor also lets us do our jobs when it comes to clinical decision-making.”

Meanwhile the Physiotherapy department received new gym equipment including sling suspension and pulleys which will help patients strenghen certain parts of their body including arms and thighs.

Sister Lesley Smith said: “The equipment suspends patients and takes gravity out of the equation. For example, Daniel is demonstrating how we would build up strength in someone’s thighs. We suspend their leg and let them gently swing it side to side and it makes their muscles and joints work harder than it would normally but it doesn’t cause pain.

“The equipment we were using previously was quite old and had been used quite a lot so it is great to now have lovely clean, hygenic and modern items to work with. We received a few items and some arrived at different times but I believe everything is here now.”

The League of Friends managed to raise money through the hospital shop and also held a range of fundraising events including tea dances and bingo nights.