Home solves mystery of flower deliveries

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A Peterhead care home has been enjoying a special delivery of flowers for the past few months from a ‘mystery’ man in a van.

Grangepark Home residents have been gifted boxes of flowers which have adorned the home, but were unaware who was behind the donation.

However, care home manager Jennifer Lauder finally caught up with the mystery donor and revealed him as Mark Morgan from Stella’s Voice charity.

Jennifer told the Buchanie: “The flowers have been delivered for the past few months and have been beautiful around the home.

“I finally managed to catch up with the man in the van and I’d like to say a huge thank-you to Stella’s Voice charity in Peterhead.

“They collect unsold food from local supermarkets and distribute them through their foodbank.

“However, when they have flowers they are not so easy to pass on before they are at their best.

“So they very kindly deliver them to car homes across the town - including Grangepark,” she said.

“This is a lovely gift for residents and they enjoy them while helping staff to arrange them around the home.”

“It brightens up the home no end and we’re delighted to have them,” she added.