Emma's gift to Alzheimer Scotland

Emma Walker hands over the cheque to service manager Janice Caine.
Emma Walker hands over the cheque to service manager Janice Caine.

Alzheimer Scotland has received more than £2,300 from a Peterhead woman following a successful fundraising ball.

Emma Walker is the daughter of one of the charity's carers and wanted to raise awareness of dementia as it affects her grandma.

She feels more funding is needed for researching into a cure or at least something to give people with dementia a longer quality of life.

Her grandma attended the Alzheimer Scotland day care at Roanheads in the town so Emma wanted the money to be used locally.

Alzheimer Scotland service manager, Janice Caine, expressed a huge thank you to Emma for the amazing amount.

She said: "There are an estimated 90,000 people living with dementia in Scotland; Around 3,200 of these people are under the age of 65.

"In Peterhead we provide day care and various community activities to enhance people’s quality of life. We also constantly raises awareness through talks and dementia friends training to reduce the stigma felt by people living with dementia.

" Alzheimer Scotland’s aim is to make sure that nobody faces dementia alone. If you need any information or advice or would like to know more about the activities we provide contact Janice on 01261 819066 or email JCaine@Alzscot.org"