Disgusting: A growing problem all over town!

THE subject of dog fouling in Peterhead has fairly got our readers talking!

Tuesday, 5th March 2013, 4:00 am

Our Facebook page was inundated with comments about the mess created by roaming dogs and irresponsible owners.

And it’s not just in the town itself. It seems that the problem is widespread across Buchan.

Peterhead Community Council agreed recently to write to the local authority in a bid to have cameras installed at Buchanhaven Esplanade in a bid to tackle the escalating problem of dog mess there.

The issue was also raised by Inspector Andy Imray of Grampian Police who admitted it was one of the top three problems being reported next to litter and street drinking.

So, here’s what you had to say on the matter...

Amanda Truswell Jane

“Every street around the town is covered. Normally have a game of hop scotch to avoid it. Disgusting.”

Ashleigh Duthie

“I walk to school every day with my children. We live in Boddam the dog mess is unbelievable every day I count at least 25 piles of it and school is less than a five-minute walk away! Most of the time we have to walk on the road to avoid standing on it My daughter is almost sick at the sight of it and I don’t blame her. It’s not really something you want to see after having your breakfast. It is a big, big problem and I would love to see CCTV cameras installed in Boddam to find this messy people who are allowing their dogs to do this EVERY DAY . I wonder how they would like it if someone dumped every bit of dog mess right outside their front door? Don’t think they would appreciate that!

Louisa Bayliss

“The problem of dog fouling is getting worse, there needs to be more done to catch irresponsible dog owners. The lack of bins to dispose of it doesnt help. I’m fed-up having to watch the pavement for mess and telling my kids to watch their feet. Its disgusting. Newton Road in St Fergus is really bad, Victoria Road Peterhead usually right outside my door, St Peter street beside donalds warehouse and Windmill Street. Even along the beach promenade and there are bins along the path.”

Lara Brown

“I often open my front door to find dog mess on my step. I have to either pick it up on wash it away before I’ve even got the kids out the door to go to nursery. I walk through town on my way to Central School and it’s like a mine field! I lived in Edinburgh for six years and there were wardens who walked about fining you if you allowed your dog to poop, you dropped litter or even a cigerette end. It’s a massive problem here I think the local council should employ wardens or install CCTV in problem spots, I also think there are not enough poop bins, but saying that there are plenty of wheelie bins about in the harbour area of town. It really is disgusting and something has to be done about it. It does not give peterhead a good name at all! Who would want to invite visitors to come here if the place is disgusting!”

Louise Burns

“It’s absolutely disgusting! It takes two minutes to pick it up!”

Adrian Whalley

“The problem is dog owners not using leads in the town. Dogs are making their mess and the owners don’t know/care about it.”

Shona Gammack

“Put CCTV up and that will stop people leaving it. It might also stop vandals kicking bins of the lamp posts and might reduce people dropping litter. It’s not just in peterhead; we have one bin up the back road from Mintlaw to Aden Park to put in our dog mess in.”

Kath Noble

“I remember being shocked at how bad it was when I first moved here from Aberdeen years ago, I thought it had improved a lot since then. Back then packs of dogs, I once counted 14 in my garden, would wander around. It seemed the norm for owners to leave there dogs out all day while they went to work. I was relieved when they finally took in a dog warden and it stopped as I couldn’t let my kids out in the garden in the summer to play it was so bad. I think they should have a reasonable fine that they actually impose. Btter to have a £50 on the spot fine than a £500 one they never use. And of course plenty bins to put it in.”

Tracy A Bateman

“Peterhead town centre is a disgrace. It’s like playing a game of dodge the dog mess. I am an owner of three dogs and always pick their mess up. The old railway line is just as bad I even saw someone (a woman with a pram) the other day she had picked the mess up then walked a bit more then threw the bag into the trees, She only had to walk 50 yards to the pooh bin...... Disgusting.”

Liz Gauld

“People who are responsible for dogs and allow them to foul our paths and pavements should be classed as tinks because tinks don’t care about anyone or anything but themselves! It’s a disgrace but as usual nothing will be done. Bags costs pennies to buy or free if you recycle shopping bags - USE THEM!”

Kylie F Jones

“It isn’t a problem in the part of town I live in...I’m more shocked that people take the time to count piles of poo. Given there is a fine on dog fouling more should be put into enforcing it than expecting the public to do anything about it. Many things in the country are my responsibility to be aware of and help to be part of the change. I don’t consider dog sh#t to be one of them.”

Catherine Donaldson

“Community wardens are responsible for dog fouling. Get on to them.”

Liz Macsween

“It was even in the car park at Morrisons....yuk! There are lots of places to take a dog away from the main thoroughfare. A poo bag must always be in the owner’s possession.”

Cheryl Proctor

“In other words everywhere...the whole town! I am a member of ALI (Aberdeenshire Litter Initiative) and can honestly say the situation is getting worse. Recently there have been workmen upgrading the next section of the old railway line, and unbelievingly someone had let their dog poop on the hazard cones!”

Lesley-anne Dow

“Our nursey kids use the Meethill Park and forest as part of their education but last week we went for a walk around the park. It was disgusting it looked like folk just let their dogs use the park as a toilet. Enforcements need to be put in place to stop our town looking like a dump and have facilities that everyone can enjoy. Folk should be able to take a pic of dog owners being irresponsible and be able to report it somewhere. All dogs pics and addresses should be on a database for identifying.”

Carolyn Keys

“This winter is the worst I have ever seen it along Willowbank Road. We have had it right outside our back gate, outside front door and along all the pavements. Far worse in the winter months. It’s disgusting. I work in Broad Street and it is really bad as well.”

Jenna Batty

“Buchanhaven (especially Ugie Road) is awful! There is not a day goes by when their isn’t fresh dog’s faeces outside our house and we are dodging it all the way up to school. It must be the same person as it is in the same spot every day! I would also like to add that when my friend Christie and I were on a walk down the road with our prams last week we were constantly having to dodge it or go on the road to avoid it and even with all that care taken we both still managed to get it on our wheels on the way home. It is getting out of control in this town, I have never seen it so bad!”

Hels March

“Outside Buchanhaven School is disgusting. How people can take their dogs along Hope Street and let them mess directly outside the school, it’s just vile, and it’s all the way up to the school in George Garden Avenue and Catto Park, which HAS a dog mess bin. I walk through the park every day and there aint many people using it, but they will pick up the dog mess and hang the bag in the hedgerow by the gate? completely horrible. Have a bit of pride in where you live and a bit of respect for your neighbours and their children. We have to do the ‘dog sh*t dodge’ every day. constantly walking along hunched over to avoid all the crap everywhere. We can’t even let the kids run on the grass in the park, Although I constantly witness it right in the middle of the running track or the long jump sand pit, it’s EVERYWHERE! I know I love to think about my kids walking through it and then taking that round the school all day with them.....

if I let one of my children do the toilet in the street (which i wouldn’t) but if i did, there would be complete uproar! clean up after your pets!”

Jackie Inglis

“Something definitely needs to be done it is a disgrace. All I seem to say to my kids when we are walking to school is “watch the poop ,watch the poop , watch the poop!” We live in Boddam and the whole village is full of it! We have a dog and we would never dream of leaving his mess it takes seconds to pick it there is NO EXCUSE!”

Alex Davidson

“The whole town is covered in dog poop. Someone’s even taken to spray painting it yellow so folk will see it & not step in it.”

Fiona Douglas

“Sick o my bairns nearly standing in it! And on my pram wheels! If they leave at in the street fit like is there houses? I’d get photos sent in and print them in the paper! Name and shame! I’ve even seen folk let their dog use my garden! To say I was mad was a understatement! The linie is disgusting as well. I bet the culprits would go mad if they stood in someone else’s dog mess!”

Jane Lawrie: “I too am a volunteer with ALI and find piles and piles of new dog poop on the Lido every day. The park at Meethill where I also pick up litter is absolutely disgusting. They know its a kids park for goodness sake, why cant they pick up? The paths between School Road and Springbank Terrace/Brucklay Court area get worse every day, you have to watch every step you take. Although there are two bins in this area for poop several folk walk their dogs there (one of them with two dogs) every day and never pick up after them. I was walking past the Clerkhill shops today and somebody had picked up the poop and dropped it right in front of the bin outside the baker’s shop, Disgusting! If everyone thinks they can get away with it they won’t pick up after their dogs. There needs to be a few taken to court, named in the press and heavily fined, maybe then the lazy irresponsible owners will take heed.”

Lori Hurhangee: “I walk my dog most days up at Catto park and clean up after her but I think I’m in the minority! The park is disgusting and such a shame for school kids using it - their main PE lesson must be dodging the mess! I think dogs are left to do as they please so round em up, and make owners pay to get em back every time they let it happen!”

Alex Geddes: “I have just sent a freedom of information request to the courts to ask how many cases have been referred to them and more importantly how many have been taken through the court process and will post the response. It’s all well saying the dog warden and community wardens need to fine people (and they should) but without court backing they would be wasting their time. Most communities have this as the top dislike in their area, so the courts need to support those doing the job, otherwise they are letting their communities down.”

Angela Ireland: “Many times I have come out of my house to find dog mess in front if my gate! People use my street as a short cut to South Road/Meethill road and seem to think it is acceptable to let their dogs mess in front of my house. I have a dog myself and always clean up after him so to find someone letting their dog mess in front of my house is just disgusting! The gardens on Landale Road are also awful, even the steps are covered!”

Alex Davidson: “My FoI request before Christmas said nine people had been issued with fixed penalties for dog fouling since the new law came in in 2003. That’s one per year and 1 of those didn’t pay!”

Kathryn Buchan: “Sounds like the whole town is clarted with poop, disgusting! My daughter saw an occupant in Merchant Street step out of their door with their dog and within seconds let it poop on the pavement and he knew she seen him, mumbled to her “could have waited till he was away further away”...on her way back from the shops she noticed the pile was still lying, a few doors from the nusery. Unfortunately she wasn’t sure which house it was because there are a few of the doors together. Irresponsible folk! .I’ll catch someone one of these days!”

Christine Thomson: “I take my dog from Balmoor to the following George Garden Ave, Hope Street, Thores Road, Blackhouse Terrace onto the Ugie beach. In all that time there is not one poop bin, until I get to the beach. I clean up after my dog but get so annoyed that I have to step over other dogs’ mess to clear my own dog’s up. The recent thing that is happening is people pick up the mess but then leave it on the ground (WHY) if they have done that much surely it is not too much to ask to carry it along to the next poop bin or put it into their own bucket. There used to be a poop bin at the start of the dunes at Ugie beach, that has now gone. What is needed is more poop bins, hopefully when we get those it will start to sort this problem out.”

Carla Duthie: “I went down to Peterhead last night for a walk with one of my dogs (as I stay in the country it’s hard in the winter with no street lighting or pavements). I walked from the football club out to the end of the bypass at Waterside Inn, cut through the path and up through the new Scotia homes, past Asda, down Windmill Road and back to the club. I couldn’t believe that the worst part of town was the on the brand new pavement from the Scotia houses to Asda. It shows that there is a lack of respect throughout the town. All of this infrasturcture has been complete so the new home owners can benefit from bus routes, walkways etc. and there are still people who wish to ruin it for others. I don’t think there is a solution to the problem either. Unless they take it to the level where the check doggy DNA... I see more people leaving the mess than I do actually picking it up.”

Lori Hurhangee: “I walk my dog most days up at Catto park and clean up after her but I think I’m in the minority! The park is disgusting and such a shame for school kids using it - their main PE lesson must be dodging the mess! I think dogs are left to do as they please so round em up, and make owners pay to get em back every time they let it happen!”