SNP councillor accuses Independent of delaying new Peterhead Academy

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A Peterhead SNP councillor has accused an Independent councillor of playing “petty politics” by slowing progress on a new Peterhead Academy.

SNP Councillor Stuart Pratt says that Independent Alan Buchan is holding up work beginning on a new facility by siding with the Tory and Lib Dem councillors against the SNP.

Stuart Pratt said: ““Alan Buchan needs to set-aside his hatred of the SNP and work with everyone to get a new academy for Peterhead.”

The statement follows Councillor Buchan’s decision, as a member of Aberdeenshire Council’s Education Committee, to oppose the approval of the Service Plan 2016-19 for Education and Children’s Services.

The plan indicates how council departments will work together on key projects, including a new Peterhead Academy.

Cllr Pratt said: “When the new Administration took over a year ago, the cupboard was bare as far as a new Peterhead Academy was concerned.

“The previous Tory-led administration had done nothing, despite Alan Buchan being part of that grouping for 3 years and claiming he was campaigning strongly for a new academy. There was absolutely nothing to show for it.”

Councillor Pratt argues that the new SNP led administration has made Peterhead Academy a “top priority” but that “playing petty politics with Committee decisions just delays the day when we can turn the key in the door of a new building.”

The Service Plan will now go before a meeting of the Full Council on June 30.

Failure to pass the plans could delay a new Academy by up to 18 months.

Councillor Buchan did not respond when contacted regarding Councillor Pratt’s comments.