Pupils visit New Pitsligo bakery to learn the trade

New Pitsligo pupils have recently visited the village’s bakery to learn about the baking trade.

Thursday, 3rd October 2013, 1:27 pm
Pupils from New Pitsligo and St John's School , Primary class 3/4

Pupils from New Pitsligo and St John’s School were included in the visit to John Smith & Sons bakery as part of a project the children of room four are running in conjunction with Fraserburgh Development Trust to generate community awareness of the bakery.

John Smith and Sons have been baking in New Pitsligo for over 100 years and have played an integral part in the community.

The current owner,John Smith wishes to retire and as a result the Fraserburgh Development Trust requires lottery funding to take over the business and run it as a community project.

A proposal has been put forward to build a new bakery in order to expand the business and safe guard employment opportunities for locals, broaden experiences for people with learning disabilities and welcome visits and learning opportunities for college students and school pupils.

Mr Smith visited the school with his manager Andy Leiper to explain the history of the business and share their baking experience.

They then invited the whole school to the bakery where the children were given the opportunity to compare and contrast some of the old equipment with the new and have firsthand experience of making their own bread.

Aberdeenshire Council’s Chair of Buchan Area Committee Cllr Stuart Pratt, said: “This business has been at integral part of the New Pitsligocommunity for over 100 years and it is very important that people,including children understand the importance of its sustained involvement in the area.”

Vice Chair, Cllr Anne Allan said, “This visit showed the children the importance of the skills of baking and how the industry has changed overthe years. We hope the information they received during their visit willinspire future bakery professionals.”