Pupils get in gear with DAB

DAB Plus Driver Training has been working with Peterhead Academy to deliver the DAB Plus Driving Ambition road safety project to 6th year pupils.

Thursday, 1st March 2018, 9:00 am

The Maud-based Social Enterprise company attended the school on Thursday, February 15, and pupils took part in various sessions designed to reinforce the need for safety and common sense when driving.

A hard hitting anti text-n-drive film written and produced by The University of Wales and supported by Gwent Police was viewed by all the students, raising awareness of the impact a few seconds thoughtless action has.

It led to some thought-provoking discussion before the students moved on from the ‘worst case’ to how they can think and prevent this happening.

Splitting into smaller groups, the students then attended separate workshops, all targeting information or skills which will stand the pupils in good stead to becoming safe drivers in the future.

Each group spent time learning about the dangers of drink driving. A serious message was put across in a fun, memorable way, by using a set of Beer Goggles that simulate the effects of alcohol by distorting vision.

They were also reminded of how far it really takes to stop a car at various speeds using the DAB Plus Brake Reaction Timer.

Each student had the chance to react to a simulated vehicle stopping in front of them.

The groups also underwent some basic emergency First Aid training should they find themselves at the scene of a road crash.

Students were shown how to ensure breathing and circulation was maintained in a person and what to do if they needed to take more intrusive action, through CPR training.

Groups were also given a basic run through of things to consider when buying a car and learned about basic checks which will keep their cars safe, discussing things like oil, water and tyre checks.

Finally, each student had a short run with a local Approved Driving Instructor, encouraging those with full driving licences to keep their skills up, and those with provisional licences to ensure they got good quality, professional training to learn to drive safely.

Those with no driving licence were encouraged by learning the basic initial skills taught to every new learner.