Parents urged to park smart

Community wardens Cathy Ramsey and Ian Kennedy with pupils from Hatton Cruden School
Community wardens Cathy Ramsey and Ian Kennedy with pupils from Hatton Cruden School

The Buchan Community Safety Group and Peterhead community wardens have joined forces in a bid to stop motorists parking dangerously outside local schools.

Banners have been placed at a number of schools in the Buchan area as part of the Park Smart campaign.

The banners warn motorists that stopping on the yellow zig-zag lines outside schools is “dangerous and illegal”.

They have been placed as an increasing number of concerns have been raised by parents who are concerned about child safety.

The latest banner to be placed was at Hatton Cruden School on Wednesday, March 22 and the pupils there spoke to the Buchanie in a bid to get the message across to motorists.

John Kyle, vice captain of Auchlethen House said he wanted motorists to stop parking on the yellow zig-zags “for ours and other people’s safety”.

Adie House captain, Claire Craigmile said: “Don’t park on the zig-zags because you are putting yourself and other people in danger.”

Ardiffery House captain, Shannon McGregor, said: “We would appreciate if people didn’t park on the zig-zags to keep people safe.”

Vice captain of Arduthie House, Sophie Byres, added: “There are lots of parking areas in Hatton, don’t park on the zig-zags.”

An Aberdeenshire Council spokesman said: “We are very pleased with the support the Park Smart campaign has drawn from schools, community safety groups and our community wardens.

“Road safety is something that is close to all these groups and by taking a united front we stand the best chance of encouraging motorists to change their behaviour and ensure the safety of our young people.”

The Park Smart campaign has been running in the Buchan area for a number of years, with banners first placed outside Peterhead schools and the academy back in 2014.

The campaign was rolled out again in 2015 with the backing of Police Scotland.

These new banners have been placed at schools outside Peterhead, including the one at Hatton Cruden School, to further spread the message to motorists.

The campaign aims to educate and enforce responsible parking around schools.