Mintlaw pupils rewarded for their excellence throughout the year

Awards assemblies recently took place at Mintlaw Academy celebrating the achievements and talents of their young people.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 26th July 2015, 6:00 am

The S1-3 prizes were presented by Councillor Norman Smith and the S4-6 prizes by Fiona Cruickshank, Quality Improvement Officer, both of whom were most impressed with the pupils.

The Mintlaw Academy orchestra, choir and groove band provided the musical interludes throughout the programme which was enjoyed by the families, pupils and staff present.

Mintlaw Academy gave thanks to Happy Plant who donated the flower arrangements that helped decorate the stage and to MACBI for the loan of their chairs.

A huge well done to all the pupils who received a certificate and/or award for their endeavours and resulting success.

Overall Attainment or Endeavour Across Subjects Awards

S1 Endeavour for Science, English, French - Charlotte Firth; S1 Attainment for Science, Geography, Mathematics - Anya Fisher; S2 Endeavour for French, Mathematics, Music - George Madgett; S2 Attainment for Science, Geography, German - Lucy Gray; S3 Attainment for Business & Administration, Drama, English, French, Mathematics - Rebecca Kindness.

Sporting Achievements

S1 Netball Festival – 1st Place Maisie Cowie, Fiona Ducker, Abigail Fryer, Ellie Gray, Wallis Henderson, Rhian Johnston, Joanne McDonald, Ellie Massie, Chelsea Robbie, Lara Sanders, Amy Seivwright, Emma Stephen, Abbie TaylorNASA S1-S2 CompetitionMaisie Cowie, Fiona Ducker, Ellie Gray, Wallis Henderson, Ellie Massie, Chelsea Robbie, Lara Sanders, Emma Stephen.

Junior Football Girls – 1st Place Lisa Bond, Freya Bretton, Liah Crighton, Jodie Croll, Jordan Ironside, Molly Irvine, Rhian Johnston, Erin Kindness, Rebecca Kindness, Natasha Matthews, Caitlin Matthews, Joanne McDonald, Salma Moursil, Georgia Park, Emily Robertson, Tamara Simpson, Taylor Sinclair, Nicole Wallace, Chrystie Whyte, Cayleigh Will.

Special Awards

Murison Prize for Writing in Scots, Charlotte Firth, 1U1

S1 Peterhead Power Station Technology Trophy, Charlotte Firth, 1U2

NESCOL S2 Technology Challenge, Stephanie Buchan, 2B2 and Rian Sanderson, 2U1

S2 Peterhead Power Station Technology Trophy, Joanne McDonald, 2B2

Wells Junior Shield for Hockey, Taylor Sinclair, 2B2

PE Trophy Junior – Girls, Taylor Sinclair, 2B2

PE Trophy Junior – Boys, Jack Hislop, 3D1

Redmond Intermediate Shield for Hockey, Rebecca Kindness, 3B1

Special Awards

Caledonian Cup for Outstanding Sporting Endeavour – Adam Alan,4M1

Buchan Electronics Cup for Higher Philosophy – Megan Bond, 6M

Caledonian Cup for Excellence in Mathematics – Nenah Bradford, 6B

Culsh Shield for Outstanding Engineering Skills – Jordan Bremner, 5M

Award for Excellence in Art & Design – Naomi Bruce, 5D

Crockett Shield for Excellence in English – Naomi Bruce, 5D

Buchan Field Club Shield for Local Study – Rebecca Bruce, 5D

Open University – Molecules, Medicines and Drugs – Frances Bugden, 6U

Hall Robertson Intermediate Girls Trophy – Katie Daniel, 4B1

Hall Robertson Senior Girls Trophy – Magdalene Dolman, 6D

Wells Senior Shield for Hockey – Magdalene Dolman, 6D

Caledonian Cup for Sociology – Catherine Donald, 6B

Lindsay Shield for Biology – Sam Graham, 5M; ASDAN Personal Finance – Cameron Gray, 5M; Languages Award for Consistent Attainment & Commitment – Lauren Harper, 6U; Hall Robertson Senior Boys Trophy – Stuart Kemp, 5D

ASDAN Personal Finance – Jay Knight, 5M; ASDAN Bronze – Jay Knight, 5M

Hall Robertson Intermediate Boys Trophy – Bruce Mair, 4B1; Lions Community Service Award – Sophie Meredith, 6U

Open University – Understanding Cardiovascular Diseases – Kerrie Milne, 6B; Caledonian Shield for Academic & Extra Curricular Excellence – Ellie Moore, 5D

Drama Award for Outstanding Performance & Commitment – Rebecca Murphy,5M; ASDAN Bronze – Jack Niven, 4M2; Excellence in Home Economics – Chloe Orange, 4M2

Brownlee Shield for Special Endeavour – Callum O’Reilly, 6D; Commitment to Music Making in The School Community – Rebecca Phelan, 6B; ASDAN Bronze – Kieran Stewart, 4U1; ASDAN Bronze – Kimerlee Thompson 5M

Middleton Prize for Chemistry – Murray Watson, 5D

Morrison Shield for Physics – Murray Watson, 5D

Kathleen Elphinstone Memorial Prize – Leigha Watt, 6U

ASDAN Bronze – Kate Wilson, 5D

ASDAN Personal Finance – Lewis Wood, 5D

House Captain, Brucklay – Connor Findlay, 6B, House Captain, Brucklay – Rebecca Phelan, 6B, House Vice Captain, Brucklay – Jonathan Addison, 6B,House Vice Captain, Brucklay – Rebecca Tosh, 6B House Captain Deer – Craig Morgan, 6D, House Vice Captain Deer –Sophie Anderson, 5D, House Vice Captain Deer – Aimee Mowat, 5D

House Captain Mormond –Jordan Bremner, 5M,House Captain Mormond – Iona Robertson, 6M, House Vice Captain Mormond –Tina De Vries, 5M, House Vice Captain Mormond – Lara Rydlewicz, 5M; House Captain Ugie – Sophie Meredith, 6U, House Captain Ugie – Leigha Watt, 6U, House Vice Captain Ugie – Lizzie Melrose, 5U, House Vice Captain Ugie – Courtney Murphy, 6U

Head Boy – Matthew Henderson, 5D, Depute Head Boy – Lewis Chalmers, 4M2

Head Girl – Kaytlin Irvine, 5M, Depute Head Girl – Ashleigh Thomson, 5M

Headteacher’s Awards

Rector’s Prize – Leigha Watt, 6U; Courtney Murphy, 6U; Service to the Head Teacher – Cameron Gray, 5M.