Mintlaw Academy pupils’ endeavours rewarded

For the first time, Mintlaw Academy held its annual awards ceremony for all year groups at the MACBI centre.

Friday, 4th July 2014, 5:22 pm
MA AWARDS - Attainment & Endevour ribbon winners along with trophy winners. (BACK R-L): Murray Watson 4D, Daniela Phelon 3B, Rebecca Phelon 5B, Leigha Watt 5U, Kerrie Milne 5B, Jordan Grieve 3B. (FRONT R-L): Aisha Ali 1B, Stuart Mair 6B, Jordan Bremner 4M, Holly Graham 2M.

Students joined together to receive recognition for their achievements in front of their families, friends, staff and specially invited guests.

Special guests for the event were Banff and Buchan MP Dr Eilidh Whiteford, who related her personal experiences and gave advice to pupils on being all you can be to be successful in life, and former Aberdeen FC manager Craig Brown, who presented the football trophies.

Mr Brown commented that every pupil who had received an award at the event had said thank you.

MA AWARDS - Main Trophy Winners. (BACK R-L): Erin Kindness 2M, Jack Buchan 2D, Rebecca Phelan 5B, Rebecca Bruce 5D. (FRONT R-L): Anna Fergason 6U, Stefanie Duncan 6U, Shona Brown 6B, Kerri Thoirs 6D.

Having attended many similar events in schools, he noted how unusual that was and congratulated the pupils on how smart they were.

The concert band and following pupils provided excellent musical entertainment at the event:

Guitar solo - ‘Rio by night’ performed by Rebecca Phelan 5B; saxaphone solo - ‘The Wedding’ performed by Matilda Gibson 4M2, and flute duet - ‘Annino’ performed By Justine Phelan 3B2 and Anna Strachan 3B2.

Presentations on the Energy course and ‘Making a Difference’ Group Presentation Rock Challenge were provided by Lisa Mowat 5B, Jennifer Conlan 5B and Kerri Thoirs 6D.

A performance of an extract from ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ was also performed by Leigha Watt 5U and Lisa Ross 5D.

Head boy and head girl from last year, Jack Daniel 6B and Stephanie Barclay 6U, handed over their badges to the newly appointed head boy and head girl for this session, Alex Robbie 5M1 & Megan Bond 6M.


S1 Attainment – Joanne McDonald 1B2; S2 Attainment – Holly Graham 2M1; S3 Attainment – Daniela Phelan 3B1; S4 Attainment – Matthew Henderson 4D2 & Murray Watson 4D2; S5 Attainment – Rebecca Phelan 5B; S6 Attainment – Stuart Mair 6B.

S1 Endeavour – Aisha Ali 1B1; S2 Endeavour – Emilia Rustyn 2D1; S3 Endeavour – Jordon Grieve 3B2; S4 Endeavour – Jordan Bremner 4M2; S5 Endeavour – Leigha Watt 5U & Kerrie Milne 5B; S6 Endeavour – Lindsay Bruce 6D.

Subject Awards

The Art & Design Award for Commitment & Excellence Chloe Martin 5B; Drama Award for Outstanding Performance & Commitment Sean Johnston 4D; Murison Prize for Writing in Scots Rhiann McKenzie 1B1.

Crockett Shield For Excellence in English Natasha Walker 6D; The Home Economics Award for Commitment & Excellence Lucy Simpson 5D; Home Economics Award for Extra Curricular; Commitment Betsy Pepper 5D.

Languages Award for 6 Years of Consistent Attainment & Commitment Stephanie Barclay 6U; Teen Reading Month Competition Rebecca Kindness 2B1; Caledonian Cup for Mathematics Stuart Mair 6B; Music Award for Commitment to Music Making in the School Community Rebecca Phelan 5B; Wells Junior Shield for Hockey Caitlin Matthews 2D2.

Hall Robertson Intermediate P.E Girls Trophy Rebecca Bruce 4D2; The Redmond Intermediate Shield for Hockey Rebecca Bruce 4D2; Hall Robertson Intermediate P.E Boys Trophy Jordan Bremner 4M2. Rebecca Phelan 5B

Caledonian Cup for Outstanding Sporting Endeavour Magdalene Dalman; Hall Robertson Senior P.E Boys Trophy Stuart Mair 6B; Hall Robertson Senior P.E Girls Trophy Shona Brown 6B; Wells Senior Shield for Hockey Stefani Duncan 6U; Lindsay Shield for Merit in Biology Rebecca Phelan 5B.

The Alexander Morrison Prize for Merit in Physics Kieran Yule 5D; Middleton Medal for Chemistry Shona Brown 6B; Buchan Field Club Shield for Local Study Erin Kindness 1M2; Buchan Electronics Cup for Higher Philosophy Lindsay Bruce 6D; Caledonian Cup for Sociology Natasha Walker 6D.

Kathleen Elphinstone Memorial Prize for History Taylor Wollerton 6M; S1 Peterhead Power Station Technology Trophy Erin Kindness 1M2; S2 Peterhead Power Station Technology Trophy Harrison Mutch 2B1; Culsh Shield for Outstanding Engineering Skills Kieran Yule 5D.

Special Prizes

Caledonian Shield For Academic & Extra Curricular Excellence – Stuart Mair 6B; Eco Award for Outstanding Commitment to the School Environment - Craig Lyttel 6U; Brownlee Shield for Special Endeavour – Taylor Wollerton 6M; Lions Club Community Service Award - Kerri Thoirs 6D; Mintlaw Community Council Cup – Connor Elmslie 6D; Peterhead & District Round Table Cup for Service to the School - Anna Ferguson 6U.

Football Trophies

U15 Boys - North of Scotland Cup – Kane McRory; Gerrard Trophy – Bailey Simpson.

U15 Girls – North of Scotland Cup – Kiara Brownlee; Aberdeenshire League Trophy – Lauren Bell.

Aberdeenshire Cup – Chelsea Urquhart, Cash Back 7s Pennant – Caitlin Matthews.

Green Final Football Skills Trophy – Jack Buchan 1D1.