Maud’s Ann celebrates graduation and retirement!

Not everyone can say that they have celebrated graduating and retiring from the same organisation in the same year, however Ann Fitzmaurice who graduated from the University of Aberdeen with a Doctorate in Philosophy recently can boast just that.

Monday, 10th December 2012, 12:46 pm

With a MA (hons) in Statistics and a Diploma in Information Analysis already to her name, Ann (64), originally from Gloucester but has lived in Maud, since 1990, was lured back into studying while working for the University of Aberdeen on research into women’s health.

Temptation back into a life of books and studying came in the form of the opportunity to conduct a project examining the relationship between having a termination during a first pregnancy and then subsequent pregnancy outcomes.

“I had absolutely no intention of returning to studying – I thought I had done enough!” said Ann.

“However, when the topic was first mentioned to me, I instantly thought it was a really interesting area and once I had done some more background research I was hooked.”

While juggling her studies with her other commitments, Ann was dealt a slight setback when she was in a car accident and had to take time out of work and studying to recover.

However, after eight years of part time studying, Ann is ecstatic to finally see her 100,000 word thesis printed and bound and taking pride of place in the library.

“I am thrilled at what I have achieved – I could have retired several years ago but just didn’t have the time,” she added.