Longside headteacher feels “very privileged” in post

Longside headteacher John Imlah said last week he felt “very privieged” to be part the school.

Wednesday, 11th July 2012, 7:01 am

Speaking to the Buchanie, Mr Imlah said: “I took up the post in October 2010, I stated then and continue to feel very privileged to be part of the Longside School Community and an officer of Aberdeenshire Council. The school was clearly very efficiently run by the previous headteacher who is thoroughly respected by the school and wider community.”

“There are extremely supportive families who acknowledge the hard work and commitment of the school team and who volunteer their time, an industrious Parent Council and ongoing support from our local councillor through the work of the Parent Council.”

Speaking of the HMIe report from last May, he said: “The report highlighted key strengths: well behaved, polite children who are proud of their school, a welcoming, caring ethos creating a positive environment, partnerships with parents and the wider community and approaches to inclusion.”

“Clearly HMIe identified areas for improvement and the school’s improvement agenda has very much focussed on these. The school is determined to improve evaluations of performance in key areas by- giving pupils greater responsibility for their learning and planning experiences to better articulate with the principles of CfE. ”

“The HMIe report indicated that they were confident the school could, with the normal support from the local authority, make the necessary improvements.”

“We are committed to enhancing teaching and learning by accessing experiences beyond the classroom, tapping into vocational/entrepreneurial opportunities with the support of local business. Outdoor learning also has a high profile in our school improvement work, there’s a rich tapestry of resources on our doorstep. This last term a number of classes accessed learning and cultural experiences in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, indeed a very wet afternoon at Aden Park proved a most enriching experience.”

“We also continue with the excellent work as a Green Flag Eco School and a Health Promoting School with all pupils having an opportunity to influence the direction of these initiatives.”