Hi! Class gets First Class review from Inspectors

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Staff at Hi! Class Pre-School Centre are celebrating after receiving a very positive report from the Care Inspectorate.

The nursery at Blackhouse Circle in Peterhead achieved two 4 (Good) and two 5 (Very Good) grades from Inspectors following the unannounced visit in March.

The Good grades were for quality of care and support, and management and leadership, while the Very Good grades were for environment and staffing.

The Care Inspectorate report said that children were “provided with a variety of learning opportunities to support their emotional, social and physical development”.

The report added: “Staff were very approachable and kind. Families felt very welcomed and included in the service.

“Children were supported in a caring manner, helping to develop children’s confidence and self esteem.”

June Taylor of Hi! Class said: “We are really pleased with the very positive report.

“We are doing the best we can to make sure the children are happy and learning, while meeting parents’ expectations.

“The grades we received have improved from the last inspection and that is because we took their previous recommendations on board and followed their advice.”

June added: “Our staff are very happy with the grades, it is a great pat on the back for them and it raises morale.”