Clerkhill donation to Bulgarian Orphanage

Pupils from Clerkhill School donated money to buy safety equipment for children at a Bulgarian Orphanage recently.

Tuesday, 25th June 2013, 11:06 am
Class assistant Laura, Mrs Murphy, Lorna Stevenson and Kevin Willox with P3M and a Walkodile

Mrs Murphy’s class, P3M, saved pennies throughout the year in little tubs which added up to an amazing total of £200.

Kevin Willox and Lorna Stevenson have been visiting the Hope Orphanage in Gourkovo for the past ten years, making one or two annual trips to see the progress of the children.

After raising the final total, pupils wrote to Mr Willox to tell him what they wanted to buy for the Orphanage with their money.

The class decided they wanted to purchase Walkodiles, a safety harness for children when out walking.

Each Walkodile can provide a harness for six children to one adult, an essential for the Orphanage as there ia a lack of adults to supervise all the children when out walking.

Kevin said: “A Peterhead woman, Elaine Stephen, invented the Walkodile so the children thought it would be a good idea to buy some from her.

“I went to see Elaine and asked to buy four Walkodiles but she heard what the children had done and she donated the fourth one for free.”

Lorna said: “There is a big concern about the safety of the Orphanage children as there is not enough staff when they are out walking.

“With the Walkodiles, the children will now be able to get out safely.”

Lorna added: “We are delighted with the donation.

“When we visit the school to talk about the Orphanage, the pupils are really interested and keen to find out more about the Bulgarian children.

“The pupils ask a lot of questions about them and are interested in finding out about how these other children live. It really gets them thinking about how different their lives are compared to these other children.”

Kevin had previously made a DVD slideshow full of pictures, including his most recent trip back in November last year, of the Orphanage and the children there to show the Peterhead pupils.

The pupils have also noticed photos of the Orphanage children at Peterhead Methodist Church, as the church has been funding food donations for the Orphanage children for the past few years.

Kevin and Lorna will deliver the Walkodiles to the Orphange when they head over later this year on Thursday, August 1.

While visitingthe Orphanage, they will take a photo of the children with the Walkodiles to show the Clerkhill pupils.

Kevin said: “The Orphanage don’t know about the Walkodiles so it will be a great surprise for all of them.”

Lorna added: “We would like to say a huge thank you to the pupils, their parents and the staff here at Clerkhill for all their help and donations, and to Mrs Murphy for getting the class involved.”