All Stars Drama Group perform for School Pupils

Dales Park School pupils were treated to a performance by All Stars Drama Group recently, based on old South American myths.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 5th June 2013, 2:14 pm
All Stars Drama Group handed out smiles to lucky pupils as part of the performance
All Stars Drama Group handed out smiles to lucky pupils as part of the performance

The group performed “A World Away” which delivered the messages, appreciate the world you live in and nobody is perfect.

The story featured the Terrible Twins who stole all the sun, moon, love and laughter from the Gods, leaving the world empty of life.

Pupils were encouraged to join in by screaming and shouting when bad things were happening.

At the end of the play, the Terrible Twins returned all the things they had stolen and to celebrate, the God of Gods decided to hold a carnival.

Pupils were given special streamers to join in the carnival fun, all of which were created by those at the Willowbank Centre.

Morag Skene runs the drama and show group and said: “We have played at Peterhead Community Centre and Willowbank but this is our very first school venture.

“Everyone is loving it and are as high as kites, it is brilliant getting the kids involved. The cast are an absolute joy to work with.”

Morag wrote the production and narrates throughout.

The cast is made up of Heather Middleton, Marasa Clubb, Robbie Williamson, Scott Burnett, George Reary, Naill Haye, Simon Spears, Steven Morris, Michael Smith, Paul McLean and one on one staff members.

Morag added: “The drama group will be taking part in Homecoming 2014, featuring in various fetes so look out for us!”