Aberdeenshire councillors back Peterhead Community Campus plan

Aberdeenshire councillors have supported plans to replace and relocate Peterhead Academy.

By Kirstie Topp, Local Democracy Reporter
Thursday, 8th October 2020, 3:57 pm
Updated Thursday, 8th October 2020, 4:00 pm
Plans to replace Peterhead Academy have been ongoing since February 2018
Plans to replace Peterhead Academy have been ongoing since February 2018

A report regarding the new Peterhead Community Campus was discussed and approved by the Education and Children's Services Committee (ECS) on Thursday, September 8.

Aberdeenshire Council had proposed that education at the existing academy site be stopped in July 2025 following the opening of the new Peterhead Community Campus at Kinmundy Road in August 2025.

Plans to replace Peterhead Academy have been ongoing since February 2018 and the new Kinmundy site was approved by the local authority in June 2019.

A report issued to members ahead of the meeting stated that the new campus would address “condition and suitability” issues at the existing site and would have capacity for 1,400 secondary pupils and 600 primary children.

The campus will feature new community and sport facilities and will enable pupils to receive all aspects of their education in the same location.

The new Peterhead Community Campus could replace Central School, Dales Park and Meethill, as well as Anna Ritchie School. A new nursery is also being considered alongside the campus development.

Other aspects of the Community Campus project, including primary, community and leisure provision, will be considered in the future.

The Buchan Area Committee previously considered the report on Tuesday, September 15 and members backed the proposal.

Commenting at the ECS meeting Councillor Dianne Beagrie said: "At the Buchan Area Committee nine of the councillors present strongly welcomed this development.

"While we are aware of the challenges this brings to the town centre we all agreed that we are one together to make certain that mitigating steps are taken to ensure that reinvestment is made into that area and that not all the leisure and recreation facilities are moved from the town centre.

"This is a good news story for the future pupils of Peterhead Academy."

She added: "We as an Area Committee look forward to the work starting in 2023 and all of our involvement is shaping this huge investment for our community."

Welcoming the report councillor Anne Simpson said: "It's another milestone on our road to get a replacement for Peterhead Academy and possibly other bits of the school estate.

"We are doing this because Peterhead Academy is by far the worst facility we have for secondary education in Aberdeenshire and this is long overdue and needs done quickly.

"The community will be desperate to actually see us put a spade into the ground to see the academy starting but we can't do that without this legal milestone of deciding that the relocation should take place to the preferred site which is Kinmundy."

She added: "The Buchan Area Committee was very clear that this is about education provision and attainment and achievement for the young people in Peterhead and from our point of view, yes the town centre is important, but we were very clear that the academy and education is the overarching thing that we needed to get right."