Offshore vessel damaged in storms

The multi-purpose offshore vessel ‘North Sea Giant’ suffered damage to its hull after an accident at Peterhead port on Wednesday morning.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 5th February 2013, 4:00 am

The vessel collided with the southernmost end of the North Breakwater while entering the port in very high winds at 12.45.

The collision resulted in the vessel sustaining two substantial gashes of up to six metres in length on its starboard side.

Due to the prevailing weather conditions at the time, it appears that the pilot was unable to board the vessel outside the port to aid the vessel’s entry into Peterhead.

The vessel remained moored alongside the North Breakwater at the end of the week waiting for an improvement in weather conditions in order for a full damage assessment to be carried out.

Peterhead harbourmaster, Tom Hemmingway, told the Buchanie: “The vessel collided with the north breakwater early on Wednesday. There were no injuries and no pollution caused and there’s an ongoing investigation as to reason for this incident.

“I understand that temporary repairs are being carried out to the vessel at Peterhead,” he added.