Staff ensure it’s a Nisa Christmas

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Nisa stores in Mintlaw, Maud, Stuartfield and Strichen have started reducing food items to as little as 1p to help those who have fallen on hard times.

Shop manager, Shahid Ali, also decided to reduce the items in a bid to prevent the amount of food being sent to landfill.

Speaking to the Buchanie Shahid explained where the idea came from: “I noticed that there was a change in our customers’ behaviour, they weren’t buying as much and the product range they were buying changed.

“People were buying more tinned items that have a longer use by date and a few customers told me they were doing this because they were tightening the purse strings, one customer told me they had recently fallen on hard times.”

In a bid to help Shahid drastically reduces the price of items that have reached their sell by date in the final hour of trading, and any items left over within 15 minutes of the shops closing is reduced to just 1p.

Shahid said: “I hate seeing food being wasted, just because it is dated doesn’t mean it is unedible.

“When I first opened the Strichen shop I had more waste than usual because I had brought in a range of products to see what would sell and what wouldn’t.

“There was some milk left over and I had to pour it down the drain, that made me want to cry.”

After talking to his daughter, he decided to reduce the prices and took to Facebook to announce their plan.

Shahid said: “After we posted it up it had reached 52 people, two days later it had reached 25,000 people and was shared over 400 times.

“All the comments were postitive too, there was no negativity and I’m genuinely amazed with the reaction.

“I think there is a stigma attached to reduced food, people don’t want to be seen buying it and that needs to change.”

He added: “We just want to help as many families as possible, anyone that find themselves struggling just need to come to our shop or contact us on Facebook and we will do what we can.

“We also want to get people to shop locally, they may find it is cheaper and we will go out of our way to help.

“We will leave certain items aside or even freeze them if need be.

“People buying our reduced items are helping us reduce waste, and the products we have are good quality from local butchers and bakers.”