Popular Peterhead florist Daisy Chains is set to close down

Daisy Chains Florist in Peterhead will be trading for the last time this Saturday (September 11) – because it’s proving to be just too popular.

Friday, 10th September 2021, 3:36 pm
Darcie Smith, with husband Ryan and their dog Buddy outside Daisy Chains.

Owner Darcie Smith (25), who started the business in Backgate from scratch as a 19-year-old six years ago, took the tough decision to close the shop to allow her to concentrate more time on her growing baby boutique business, and hopefully enjoy a little more family time with husband Ryan and their dog Buddy.

She said running Daisy Chains had been an “absolute blast” and she thanked the many customers who made the business such a success.

But with plans to expand Daisy’s Baby Boutique, and a soon-to-be launched children’s boutique, it’s become too difficult to run everything.

Darcie first opened her florist shop when she was just 19 years old.

Darcie said: “I’ve had people asking why we’re closing and saying ‘I thought you were busy?’

“I am, that’s the problem, I’m not closing because I’m not busy, I’m closing because I’m too busy – far too busy for me to manage. Me and Ryan calculated the other night that we had just under 13,000 orders in a year!”

Darcie recalled the early days of setting up in business.

"I opened the shop when I was just 19. I gave up a great career in nursing to open here. In the first week, I made about £20-30, and I said to my mum ‘what have I done?!’

Daisy Chains will cease trading after its final day tomorrow (Saturday, September 11).

"But then within weeks it just escalated and then it just got crazy. It became a 24/7 commitment. I took it on when I was single, no ties, but I’m married now and at a different stage in my life, and with the baby boutique taking off, it’s proved too difficult to do everything and have some sort of family life.

"It’s sad, but I’m happy that the shop became far too busy for me to manage than it go the opposite way, and I’m so thankful to everyone for their custom over the years.”

Darcie opened Daisy’s Baby Boutique in Queen Street in October last year. It was something she’d always wanted to do, so she decided to “take the plunge”.

"I’m quite spontaneous, I take a decision and then just do it.

"Ryan had gone offshore and I said to my mum that I’d quite like to open a baby shop. The next thing I know, I’ve signed a lease, I’ve got a shop and when my husband gets back three weeks later I’ve got a new business.

"I’ve taken over the old Jammy D’s premises, so we’re going to be moving the baby boutique in there. It’s expanded so quickly there’s not enough room, it’s hard to get all the customers in and sometimes there’s a queue, so we decided to get a bigger shop, and then the children’s boutique will be in the shop where the baby boutique is just now.

"It’s exciting and something I’ve really wanted to do, but running the three shops would be completely unmanageable. I’m still going to be really busy, but running two shops in the same sector should be a wee bit easier.

"I want to thank everyone who’s supported the florists over the last six years, staff and customers, past and present. I’ve loved it, you helped make my dreams come true, and for that I’m so grateful.”