MP applauds Chancellor’s new funding package

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By David Duguid MP
Friday, 4th February 2022, 9:07 am
Energy bills are rising after OFGEM raise the price cap

It has been great to hear from residents who have since got in touch me.

2022 saw a gradual return to normality, with the reopening of my office to physical surgeries (held safely). We have also responded to some 275 queries in the last 30 days.

Although my office was closed for much of the pandemic, I continued to have virtual surgeries and my team responded to some 2,500 queries.

Last week, I took part in a debate on the proposition to levy a windfall tax on the oil and gas industry.

While on the face of it, such a levy may seem attractive, history tells us that such punitive measures have a detrimental effect on investment and jobs.

The sector employs some 100,000 people across Scotland.

Many of them live here in Banff and Buchan.

I know that readers will be worried about the rise in the price cap announced last Thursday and the effect that this will have on household budgets.

That is why I was very pleased to see the Chancellor announce measures to help with rising costs.

All domestic electricity customers will get £200 off their energy bills from October and 80% of households in England will receive a £150 Council Tax rebate from April.

As Council Tax is devolved, there will be around £290 million for the Scottish Government and it is they who will have the final say on how this money is spent in Scotland.

I am calling on them to pass it directly to local authorities.

We cannot have another postcode lottery where some local authorities, such as Aberdeenshire, miss out in favour of the Central Belt.

Editor’s note: Scotland is set to receive an extra £290m as Rishi Sunak unveiled plans to help with energy costs.

The funding comes as the chancellor announced a support package after Ofgem said households face a £693 energy bill rise.