Design firm to move to former bank

An artist's impression of the new Baxter Design Company base
An artist's impression of the new Baxter Design Company base

The former Clydesdale Bank building in Mintlaw will soon become the new base for Baxter Design Company.

The design firm will begin operating from their new premises from Wednesday, February 28.

Baxter Design Services has been working from the village of Old Deer for a number of years.

Ryan Urquhart of Baxter Design Company said: “Having been customers of Clydesdale Bank, we learned that they would be vacating the building back in May 2017 and we took an interest straight away as we felt this may be a great opportunity for our company.

“We viewed the property on several occasions to get a feel for the layout and further explore our own vision for the building.

“After securing entry into the building early this year we immediately began work to renovate the interior, the first steps being to remove two large, heavy safes located in the rear of the premises which although in good condition we felt were unnecessary and restrictive to the layout and possible expansion of our workforce.

“This is a major move for our company, driven by the desire to expand in terms of securing more projects by increasing awareness of our business to the general public, particularly given the prominent location of our new premises - there will be a vast increase in the number of people passing on a daily basis, compared to our current premises in the sleepy village of Old Deer.

“In time we hope to employ more drawing staff, and our new larger premises will allow us to do this with ease.

"We wish to emulate the success of many businesses in and around The Square and further develop our reputation as a high quality provider of Architectural Services in the North East."