Conservatives announce their candidates for the Peterhead North and Rattray wards.

The Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party has selected its candidates for the Peterhead North and Rattray ward in May’s local government election.

By John A. MacInnes
Thursday, 17th March 2022, 10:17 am
The two men are standing for election locally
The two men are standing for election locally

Iain Sutherland and Matthew James will go to the polls on May 5 in the hope of returning two local Tory councillors to fight for “a fair share” of resources from Holyrood.

Iain previously worked in the fishing industry and the police, and was running a family business in Peterhead when he was elected to the council in 2017.

He has been involved in town centre business associations for many years, including the creation and management of the Peterhead Business Improvement District.

Among his duties as a councillor, he is chairman of the council’s fisheries group and served on the local review board.

He said: “I’ve helped the council do a lot of good in Peterhead over the last five years including a new academy in the capital plan and a focus on education services, and an upturn in the town centre which attracts visitors and keeps the town thriving.

“But there is much to do. During the next council cycle, we need to consolidate pressure on Holyrood to get the A90 dualled north of Ellon.

“For years this area has received less than its fair share of funding from the Scottish Government.

“Per head, we get hundreds of pounds less than the Scottish average, every year.

“That needs to be reversed for the safety of our residents and our public services.”

Matthew is a trustee for the Aberdeenshire charity Rainbow Rogues, which works with the families of young children with additional support needs.He is also known in Peterhead as a martial artist at Shi Gaku Kan karate dojos where he has been a practitioner for 18 years, frequently assisting with teaching all ages.The architectural technologist lives locally with his wife and daughter, and is determined that the area continues to thrive with local representatives who know and love Peterhead.Matthew, 33, said: “My experience with additional needs families has made me passionate about improving education and support for those in the school system who need it most.

“As well as getting a new academy and the fantastic opportunities that come with that, it’s vital that we use the existing school for the benefit of people in town.

“As we look to recover economically from the pandemic, town centres like Peterhead's must continue to get the support from the council and Scottish government to welcome new shops, as well as protect much-loved local stores.

“Keeping our surroundings clean is also a priority, and I will push for the removal of booking systems and gate controls for household waste disposal at our recycling centres.

"On May 5, residents can get two Scottish Conservative councillors by using their first and second votes at the ballot box."