Campaign to save Peterhead’s Fishermen’s Mission

The Mission building in Peterhead has been put up for sale.
The Mission building in Peterhead has been put up for sale.

Stephen Bruce, who owns the Peterhead Fish Company, has launched Mission to Save the Mission in the hope the fishermen’s hub can stay open in the town - and the Buchanie is backing the campaign.

Speaking to the Buchanie, Mr Bruce said: “The building is up for sale and I’m not going to let the mission go without the community putting up a fight.

“I want to have a committee set up and try and form a community trust that will take on ownership of the mission.”

Since starting the campaign via social media on Friday Mr Bruce has received hundreds of replies in support of his initiative.

Supporters on Mr Bruce’s Facebook page have even started to pledge money to the cause.

With Peterhead being the largest white-fish port in Europe Mr Bruce believes it is imperative that the town has its own Fishermen’s Mission.

He said: “I really feel passionate about it.

“We’re one of the largest fishing ports in Europe, if we can’t continue to have a Mission here it would be a tragedy.”

The Fishermen’s Mission helps active and retired fishermen as they take on the dangers involved in their occupation.

But according to Mr Bruce, the building on Union Street has provided many benefits the wider community.

He said: “It’s used by all aspects of the community not just the fishing community.

“My family has appreciated the support of the Fishermen’s Mission and centre over the years - even my kids went there for Christmas parties.”

Although the Mission Centre on Union Street is up for sale, Mr Bruce was keen to stress that Steve Murray, the Mission’s Superintendent, and his staff would “continue to do the wonderful work and support that they already do even if the Mission Centre closes.”

If anyone would like to know more about the campaign then they are asked to get in touch with Mr Bruce on