Buchanhaven Harbour trustees offer to donate aquarium fish tank to campaigners

The Board of Trustees of the Buchanhaven Harbour and Boatshed has offered to donate the fish tank to the ‘Save Our Aquarium’ campaign.

Tuesday, 22nd June 2021, 8:17 am
Updated Tuesday, 22nd June 2021, 8:17 am
The Board of Trustees has offered to donate the aquarium fish tank to the campaign group.
The Board of Trustees has offered to donate the aquarium fish tank to the campaign group.

Earlier this year, the trustees announced the closure of the Buchanhaven aquarium housed at the boatshed after deciding it was too costly and citing a lack of volunteers to run it.

A campaign to save the aquarium was then launched, headed by former trustees Joseph Yule and Roy Ritchie, who also put together what they described as “a detailed business plan” for the running of the facility.

A ‘Save the Buchanhaven Aquarium’ petition quickly attracted more than 400 supporters, and the current trustees then met at the beginning of May to consider the business plan put forward by Mr Yule and Mr Ritchie.

There are plans for the boatshed to be a community and education space.

However, this was dismissed as offering “no new solutions”, and the trustees stated that, with regret, the aquarium would not be reopening.

Now, though, the trustees have agreed to donate the fish tank if the campaigners can come up with an alternative suitable venue.

In a statement on the Buchanhaven Harbour Facebook page, the trustees said: “The Board of Trustees have offered to donate the fish tank to the Save Our Aquarium campaign.

“The 10ft x 4ft x 3ft tank which cost £20,000, will need to be rehoused in a building suitable for an aquarium.

"The team behind the campaign, Mr Joseph Yule and Mr Roy Ritchie, have the energy, passion, enthusiasm, volunteers and support which is needed to make the aquarium a success.”

The trustees added: “We wish them well and will support them in any way we can.”

The trustees also revealed they had applied for a change of use of the facility to Aberdeenshire Council and hope to reopen the boatshed as a community space and educational facility if this is approved.

The campaigners have confirmed receiving a “very surprising letter offering to donate the Buchanhaven Harbour Aquarium” from the Buchanhaven Harbour trustees.

Mr Yule and Mr Ritchie said they would now consider the offer carefully, discuss it with other interested parties, seek advice from appropriate agencies and get back to the trustees due course.