ASCO cranes give everyone a lift

Operational efficiency and staff morale have been boosted by ASCO’s £2.6million investment in new cranes at the international oilfield support services company’s Peterhead base.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 5th November 2013, 6:41 pm
The ASCO cranes in operation
The ASCO cranes in operation

Ease of operation and manoeuvrability, increased lift capacity, improved safety, control, visibility and comfort are all being cited by drivers as being among the main advantages of the two new Sennebogen 6130 HMC cranes.

Several crane manufacturers had been invited to provide suitable options to meet the specific requirements of the Peterhead base.

Operations manager, Duncan Bell explained: “As well as Peterhead being a particularly windy and exposed site, the quayside is particularly challenging given the number of bulk riser structures we have, its narrowness and the fact the rigger pad must be set up on the quay wall.

“We already had experience of a smaller Sennebogen 680 HMC which we had transferred across from our Norwegian business and its flexibility, versatility and manoeuvrability had proved to be a massive success for us.

“We require high manoeuvrability and we need cranes that can work at slightly higher wind speeds.

“The new cranes can operate in winds up to 20m per second, based on a maximum lift and the agility of the Sennebogen design allows us to move the cranes from one berth to another and be operational again in around five minutes, compared to 45 minutes previously.

“This not only gives us terrific operational flexibility but it dramatically improves our ability to meet client requirements.

“The German manufacturers Sennebogen and the UK Dealer E H Hassell & Sons Ltd visited our Peterhead base on several occasions to ensure that we got machines that would work 100% for us. We scrutinised every part, every wheel, cog and rope and the 6130s ticked all the boxes.”

Raymond Stephen, ASCO’s cargo operations supervisor, commented: “These are excellent machines and they have proved massively popular with the drivers.

“Operationally, we now have more flexibility on the quayside as the cranes are a lot quicker to move from berth to berth and their manoeuvrability means that we don’t have to clear the quay. They can turn in a far smaller radius. We are a 24 hours a day operation and cranes can move eight or ten times a day, so this is important. “

Christian Strasser, Sennebogen area sales manager, said: “Sennebogen has been working with ASCO for many years in Norway and has developed the range of harbour mobile cranes specifically for the offshore industry. With this projects, we worked with the Sennebogen UK and Eire dealer, E H Hassell & Sons Ltd and Duncan Bell and his team at ASCO in Peterhead to ensure we supplied the correct machine for this very demanding application.”