Probus gets insight into MB Plant and F1 from Sandy

At the recent meeting of Probus in the Palace Hotel, guest speaker was Sandy Rennie, managing director of MBPlant (Peterhead), who gave a very informative and personalised presentation on two fronts.

Thursday, 13th February 2014, 11:46 am

As a well-kent local businessman, Sandy gave a short biographical account of his business career from early days in Hatton, through the 1970s-1980s, with the acquisition of MBPlant and its growth over the last 20 years .

It now boasts a depot network servicing the whole of Scotland with branches in Fraserburgh and Invergordon, offering a wide range of equipment from small tools, to access hire and specialised units. This is not an easy job covering 24/7, but very satisfying, despite the headaches individual days can bring!

However, Sandy then displayed his passion for F1 Grand Prix racing, spending a great deal of time, under the guise of holidays, at various racing circuits in Europe, USA and Asia.

Members were given a great deal of information about racing teams such as Red Bull Racing-Renault, Mercedes, Ferrari, and McLaren-Mercedes, interesting personal views on drivers such as Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button.

They were taken behind the scenes and shown how racing cars have developed over the years, in engines, bodywork and tyres with small snippets of information about what it was like to visit various circuits and have the chance to be close up to the drivers.

To many of an older generation, Jim Clark, the quiet unassuming farmer from the Borders, remains the greatest racing driver in history and it was a tragic day on April, 7th, 1968, when a rear tyre failure caused his Lotus to crash at Hockenheim Circuit, Germany.

In summing up his vote of thanks, on behalf of members, Hugh Campbell congratulated Sandy on his business success and for being able to take time out to give members his highly enjoyed presentation as a motor racing fan.

Probus meets again on Tuesday, February 25, at 10 am in the Palace Hotel with Brian Easson, International Search & Rescue, as guest speaker.