Peterhead Group SWRI ladies meet

Sandra Kinghorn welcomed members and guests from the Buchan Group to the annual general meeting of the Peterhead Group of the SWRI held in Mintlaw Bowling Stadium on Monday, September 23, at 7pm.

Tuesday, 24th September 2013, 9:33 am

Minutes of the previous AGM were read and approved and the annual reports of the secretary and treasurer were read and approved.

A letter of thanks was read from Linda Willows from the renal unit in Peterhead for the kind donation.

Mrs Kinghorn congratulated Irene and Amy Reid for their winning entries in the National Housewives and Handicrafts Conference in Elgin.

The next federation meeting will be held on November 23 at the Hopeville Club in Inverurie.

Members were asked to consider, along with their institute members, the formation of a ‘200 club’ within Aberdeenshire Federation to help raise much-neededfunds and to consider other options if this one was not approved.

A proposal was put forward that each institute should have one serving member on the group committee for a three-year term, this will be on the agenda at the next meeting and further discussion will take place.

Rita Watson and Ann Higgins from Buchan Division were then invited to take the chair and elect the following years committee which is as follows:

Sandra Kinghorn, president; Elizabeth Dalgarno, vice-president; ViMay, secretary; Kathleen Catto, treasurer; Phyliss Findlay, Press secretary and Irene Reid and Mary Palmer tea convenors.

A welcome cup of tea was then had by all and votes of thanks were proposed by Elizabeth Dalgarno.

After the ladies from Buchan Group departed a short discussion was held on the theme for Whitehill Cup 2014 and ‘Halloween’ was chosen very quickly and without much debate which meant that Sandra wound up a shorter evening than usual and wished everyone a safe journey home