Head back to the 80s with Peterhead nighclub reunion

Back in the day, were your weekends spent dancing away to the sounds of the 80s at Chaplins in Peterhead?

By Morag Kuc
Tuesday, 11th February 2020, 12:02 pm
Trevor keeps the dancefloor moving at Chaplins.
Trevor keeps the dancefloor moving at Chaplins.

If so, then you’re in for a treat as later this year when a special reunion will capture those heddy days for all those who remember the popular venue, its disco smoke and, of course, those basket suppers!

The reunion is the brainchild of Trevor Lazaro, a former DJ at the Blue Toon nightclub.

He has joined forces with local businesswoman Connie Chiappino to organise the reunion which will take place on Saturday, May 2, at the town’s Palace Hotel for one night only.

Unfortunately, the original venue was unavailable for the get-together, but Trevor believes the Chaplin vibe will be alive and well on the night nonetheless.

Trevor said: “I was one of the original DJs alongside Neil Dalrymple back in the day, despite being in the RAF. Over the years I have come back to my spiritual home here in the ‘Heid man times since 2011 and the question is always posed, when will there be a reunion?

“Every time I come back guys would ask when are we going to do a reunion gig as the 80s really were the heyday of the club scene, and I’ve always said one day I would.

“Well, last year Connie convinced me I should do it and we started planning. I wasn’t expecting the snowball it has become to roll down the hill so quickly!!”

"We will play music from 1970s Grand Disco age right through to the early 90s House, Garage, Funky House era.

"The reunion will raise funds for Shirley’s Space and CLAN also as we wanted to have a community feel about the event and it is hoped anyone with a Chaplins connection or just a Peterhead one will come along. and support the night."

Tickets are priced £20 and are available in local shops or from Eventbrite for Chaplins Back to the Future on May 2.