Football: Buchan Ladies fight Hutchie Vale to no avail

Buchan Ladies' Hannah Stewart getting some close attention from the Hutchie Vale side
Buchan Ladies' Hannah Stewart getting some close attention from the Hutchie Vale side

Buchan Ladies fought hard to defend against Hutchie Vale but the game ended up a hard fought draw.

Buchan tested Hutchie Vale early, a long pass to Stewart who fired a shot over the bar then Rae found Johnston who hit the bar from 30 yards.

For Hutchie a corner in was tapped just wide by Gavin. A clear handball from the visitors in the box was seen by many but unfortunately the ref was unsighted.

Buchan opened the scoring nine minutes from a break from a Vale attack.

A pass into the Buchan box was chested down by Urquhart and cleared by Rae who found Stewart, she made space and fired in a goal from 25 yards.

Hutchie were pushing forward threatening a couple of times but judged offside while at the other end another suspicion of handball was waved away.

The visitors were still attacking, a cross in from the right to the back post was slightly too long for Michelle Russell to strike and Nicola Ann Russell had a low shot which Buchan keeper Flaherty got down to and saved well.

Vale were piling on the pressure keeping Buchan pinned into their own half, but Rae and Urquhart in the centre were mopping up with Cruden dipping back to help but the pressure paid off, Hutchie equalising from a corner with Gavin volleying in from close range then the visitors then went ahead with a shot scored in off the post.

On 35 minutes Buchan went equal again Stewart sinking a spot kick after Johnston was brought down in the box and just on half time a penalty was awarded to the visitors for an Urquhart challenge and converted by Gavin to put Vale ahead at half time.

Buchan came out battling in the second half and nine minutes in were awarded a second penalty which Stewart placed into the right hand side for her hat trick.

With 10 minutes to go, Ritchie hit the bar but the game ended up a draw.