Fish at lower levels

Heavy rain showers this week has led to some colouring of the water which cleared quite quickly but, which coupled with a drop in air and water temperature, resulted in the fish cruising and feeding at lower levels.

This was exacerbated by periods of bright sunshine between the heavy showers. However, although a variety of lures, in particular the Fritz, in various colours were dominant in the catches, it was not to the exclusion of the Nymphs, Buzzers and dry flies and it was particularly encouraging that among the latter varieties the “Daddy” took centre stage.

It was down to management and staff, together with some help from anglers, that water has remained fishable and the weed has been controlled to the extent that it did not impinge on the fishing conditions. Best catches this week were recorded by: A Murray, Gardenstown, 27 fish, (Black Fritz), T Harrold, Peterhead, 11 fish, (Cat’s Whiskers), L Davidson, Macduff, 10 fish, (Cormorant/Olive Fritz), J Hall, Turriff, 9 fish, (Various dries), N Cockburn, Glasgow, 7 fish, (Buzzers/Dry), S Anderson, Peterhead, 7 fish, (Olive Fritz), I MacBain, Aberdeen, 6 fish, (Frugal’s Fancy). T Harrold included one fish of 9lbs in his catch total of 11. The forecast is decidedly unsettled for next week but if the fishing continues in it’s present form, good returns can be expected.