Sheltered housing warden concerns

SNP councillors last week expressed concerns at proposals which may affect the warden service currently enjoyed by tenants of sheltered housing complexes.

Rejecting the proposals put before them at a meeting of Aberdeenshire Council’s Social Work & Housing Committee, one councillor commented that “the devil was in the detail” before going on to highlight that councillors had not been given the details of what was being proposed.

Speaking during the meeting at Woodhill House, Peterhead North and Rattray councillor Anne Allan said: “The devil is in the detail of these proposals but councillors have certainly not been given enough detail.

“Much more information is needed on what officials are proposing and I asked for that to be worked up and brought back to councillors before we can take any decision on this.”

SNP Group Social Work spokesperson Councillor Allison Grant commented: “There continues to be a distinct lack of clarity for residents regarding the impact of the changes on their experience of the warden service.

“We as councillors simply cannot make any decision based on what limited information we have been provided with.”

Former social work manager Councillor Bob Watson added: “We highlighted that we did not think the consultation had been done adequately and I think the housing officers would agree with that.

“Councillors will be consulted about the proposals for their local area and I will be listening to the views of my constituents carefully in this regard.”