Full council to determine Peterhead landslip cash

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Residents of Peterhead’s

MacKenzie Crescent are

hoping for a positive outcome following council discussions about stabilising land beneath their homes.

Aberdeenshire Council officials closed the road in January last year after a landslip occurred directly above a section of the slope where excavation works were being carried out to create a parking and storage area for the Sea Cadets. The work was carried out within and along the coastal slopes beneath MacKenzie Crescent which is adjacent to the Lido and marina.

Following the incident, members of the Buchan Area Committee discussed possible solutions to stabilise the slope and unanimously agreed that funding opportunities be found with the council’s Capital Plan Group.

Officers were asked to report to the Policy and Resources Committee at its meeting last Thursday, advising of the area committee’s strong desire for the project to go ahead.

Thursday’s discussion was held in private and now residents are waiting to see whether or not the stabilising works will be given the go-ahead after it was referred to the full council.

It remains unclear at this stage what cost there would be to the council to stabilise the area and re-open the road, but the decision to defer the decision to the council would appear to indicate the price would be substantial.

An assessment of the land affected was carried out to establish to what extent the landslip may have been caused by the works for the Sea Cadets, and a design to stabilise the slope was prepared.

In a Landslip Assessment report released last June, one conclusion stated: “The numerous tension cracks evident across the slope and steep back scarps along the crest suggest that in its present condition the slope remains unstable and is unlikely to offer continued support to the carriageway of MacKenzie Crescent.”