Women are coming onboard

Deckhand Cordelia hard at work at the Scottish Maritime Academy in Peterhead

Deckhand Cordelia hard at work at the Scottish Maritime Academy in Peterhead

Two female students recently completed the Trainee Merchant Navy Deck Hand course at North East Scotland College’s centre of nautical excellence, the Scottish Maritime Academy in Peterhead.

Cordelia Munro and Ishabel MacIntyre join a select group of just four females who have undertaken this course to-date.

The Lido-based academy is one of Scotland’s premier maritime education and training providers.

Centre manager Linda Hope said: “The Trainee Merchant Navy Deck Hand course is suitable for anyone who wishes to start a career in either the Merchant Navy or in the offshore supply and standby vessel fleet. It’s really encouraging that we are starting to attract more female students in what is, historically, a predominately male industry. “

Both girls have been born into families where the sea is part of their everyday lives.

Having watched the male members of her family go off to earn their living from the sea Cordelia Munro yearned to follow in their footsteps.

Her love of the sea started at a young age when she could be found watching her family mend their nets at the harbour, always lending a helping hand when she could.

With her granddad, father, uncles and cousins all working at sea it was somewhat inevitable that Cordelia would eventually apply to be part of the next generation of seafarers.

Ishabel MacIntyre comes from the Isle of Barra, the most southerly and westerly inhabited island in Scotland. The Isle of Barra in the Outer Hebrides has a population of only 1,500. Most of the population earn a living from or on the sea, working as fishermen or in the offshore oil and gasindustry. Like Cordelia the sea is in Ishabel’s blood.

Her grandfather was at sea his whole life and was a member of the Barra Lifeboat and she has an Uncle who is a serving member of the Royal Navy.

Having studied seamanship at school Ishabel always knew that a life at sea was her ultimate career goal.

This popular 12-week course typically runs at least three times a year. Further information on all courses offered at the Scottish Maritime Academy can be found online at www.smaritime.co.uk




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