Scaffolding change a ‘huge step forward’

The scaffolding in Peterhead's Chapel Street has been hugely controversial.

The scaffolding in Peterhead's Chapel Street has been hugely controversial.

An Aberdeenshire councillor has said the replacement of scaffolding in Peterhead’s Chapel Street is a positive step for the town.

The structure has been an eyesore in the town centre for more than four years and has been at the heart of debates about regenerating Peterhead.

Over the past fortnight the original scaffolding has been replaced by a new structure, clad in green construction netting.

Despite concerns the change would mean further delays in the development of the street, councillor Alan Gardiner told the Buchanie this marks a turning point.

He said: “I am delighted we have finally taken this huge step forward.

“This project was at a complete standstill two years ago when I took office.

“After many meetings and numerous phone calls, I am delighted to see things moving ahead.

“A deal was done by the developer to buy one of the shops, followed by the existing scaffolding coming down.

“The new scaffolding that has been errected is a construction scaffold which was done by the developers.

“This scaffold will remain up throughout the costruction phase with major roof work being carried out.”

The rear of the building has been shored up with a steel frame and a team of construction workers from the hotel developers are due to start work on the site within a month. The refurbishment is expected to take six months.

Cllr Gardiner added: “I am sure that everyone in the community will be delighted to see this building refurbished and back into use.”




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