‘Chance shotter’ airlifted from Peterhead Harbour

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A helicopter has airlifted an ill crewman from a fishing boat at Peterhead Harbour.

The chopper made several sorties and hovered over the scene in high winds before winching the man up.

Coastguard, fire service, police and ambulance teams raced to the Albert Quay earlier this morning.

A doctor on scene examined Renown crewman Martin West (45) and decided his condition was such that he had to be airlifted.

The ‘chance shotter’ had become ill while the vessel was at Peterhead for a market sale, a fellow crewman having alerted skipper James Buchan Snr. of Mr West’s condition.

The Coastguard received a call from the ambulance service at around 9.30am after reports of a sick crewman.

The Bond 1 rescue chopper was airborne at the time and flew to assist.

Mr Buchan said that, after landing, the crew had begun completing maintenance aboard the vessel when he was told to check on Mr West.

“One of the crew shouted to me and said ‘Martin’s not well, come down and see him’.

“He couldn’t really speak,” he added, saying that Mr West “struggled to get breath.”

“We couldn’t get him out where he was at, so the Coastguard were called for lifting him out of the boat, then the fire brigade was called.”

The skipper added that, with the risk involved in lifting Mr West from the boat to the pier itself, the doctor, who had arrived first on the scene to attend to Mr West, made the decision to call for the helicopter to lift Mr West from the Albert Quay.

Mr Buchan said Mr West was taken to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary by helicopter and that his family was currently with him. He also revealed that X-rays had been taken.




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