Boddam pupils experiment with green energy

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Pupils at Boddam School were treated to a science lesson with a difference recently courtesy of oil and gas giant, Shell.

A series of educational workshops were set up at the school on Tuesday, June 24 by Shell who had tied up with the Global CCS Institute to explain to pupils what Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is.

They also told pupils the benefits of CCS and how it will make a difference to the local area.

The visit came about as Shell are currently trying to transform Peterhead Power Station into one of the world’s first carbon capture and storage facilities.

If Shell are successful and their plans get approval, the Peterhead Power Station CCS model would be used as a guide for similar plants across the world.

Pupils were shown how to make their experiments successful by Kirsty Anderson of the Global CCS Institute.

She also explained how the small experiments related to carbon capture and how similar processes could be used at Peterhead Power Station.

Pupils were delighted with their hands-on lesson using fizzy drinks and even chocolate to get successful results.

Experiments included capturing carbon dioxide in a balloon and mixing vinegar and baking soda to create a reaction.

Theatre Modo were there to explain how movement and energy relate to one another.




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