Academy pupils display work at art exhibition

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Peterhead Academy pupils proudly displayed their design work at the Art in Motion Exhibition on Monday, December 2.

Work by around 300 pupils from S3, S4, S5 and S6 covered the walls while some practical design pieces including dresses and hats were also on display.

Eight S3 classes, five S4 classes, two S5 classes and Higher Photography classes were involved.

Proud family members went along to see the vast amount of drawings, paintings and photography from the term so far.

Chair of the Education, Learning and Leisure Committee, Isobel Davidson attended the evening and said: “The enthusiasm and the talent of pupils is great.”

Head teacher, Evan Ritchie added: “I am delighted with the turnout and support shown by the community to see the excellent work.

“The exhibition shows the high talent of all our pupils.”

Teacher Irene Adam said: “Pupils get to work on the design process but I feel the wider skills they get are creativity, working to deadlines and understanding that the road to success is full of little failures.

She added: “It is good to see the large turnout of families and support from the community.

“It has been challenging this year as the courses have been taught at a faster pace but the kids have responded well and the inspiration is here so I am really pleased.”

New teacher Wendi Van Hoof, spent the evening taking family portraits and said: ”It is nice to celebrate the work done over the last few months.”

Photography teacher, Gemma Grant said: “The pupils have worked really hard, their artwork is improving hugely and I am really proud of them all.”




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