Max the cat takes centre stage

Seven-year-old Amy Wallace with Max the cat

Seven-year-old Amy Wallace with Max the cat

A Buchan moggy has become a star overnight, thanks to the Buchan Observer.

Max Wallace was pictured in last week’s paper enjoying a walk along the Buchan Line with pupils from Maud.

Max’s owner, Fiona Wallace, emailed us on Tuesday to say that they were delighted to see Max in the paper.

Fiona said: “We had to have a laugh at your lovely picture on page 30 of last week’s Buchan Observer.

“That cat is our cat Max. My daughters, Jodie (10) and Amy (7), both attend Maud Primary School and they did tell me last week that Max had joined them on their walk up the old railway line with the School.

Fiona added: “He is quite a character. He has been known to get on a bus, sleep in someone else’s tent for the night down at the other end of the village and has even been to playgroup and school.

“He regularly comes out for walks around the village with us and will even sit and wait outside the pub until we come out.

“He even walked to nanna’s for his Christmas lunch!”

Fiona says the list goes on, adding that Max is indeed a quirky and fun cat.

Amy, pictured with Max above, said she was excited to see him in the Buchanie.




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