Crane display caught on film at Loch of Strathbeg

A pair of cranes have been spotted at Loch of Strathbeg
A pair of cranes have been spotted at Loch of Strathbeg

Loch of Strathbeg nature reserve has become home to two common cranes – and have even been caught on film displaying, something which is rare to witness.

John Watt, who has been birdwatching and taking images of what he sees for a couple of years, describes Loch of Strathbeg as his “local patch”.

John said: “There have been cranes at Strathbeg occasionally in the last few years, I had seen the Sandhill Crane but had not witnessed the Common Cranes.

“I noted on the RSPB Twitter account that cranes were at Strathbeg and decided to go along.

“On arriving at the Strathbeg visitor centre I was informed that a pair of cranes were in full view!

“I set my camera to record a video and to my surprise and delight they started to display.

“You only get one chance to record such and event and luckily the birds remained in focus and in full visibility.

“The birds were fairly distant and visibility was not good but I was delighted that I captured this rare event on video.

“Strathbeg is a Heathrow of the bird world and I have captured video records of a great many species.

“It is really important that these special places are preserved.”

Loch of Strathbeg site warden, Victoria Anderson, said: “It was fantastic to see the cranes displaying on the reserve.

“Thanks to John, we can share this wildlife spectacle with the world.

“Loch of Strathbeg has everything a pair of cranes needs to breed, there is no reason why this pair should not settle here for the summer.

“If they don’t this year it won’t be too long before another pair does.”

To view the video footage of the cranes taken by John at Loch of Strathbeg, visit the RSPB North-east Scotland Facebook page at: