Zoolab creatures visit Dales Park School

Pupils at Peterhead’s Dales Park School received some very special guests on Wednesday, March 5 as Zoolab came to visit.

Ranger Fran took along seven different creatures for the nursery and P1 classes to meet and learn about.

The P1 pupils check out the Giant African Snails

The P1 pupils check out the Giant African Snails

Fran explained that the creatures had been hibernating throughout Winter and therefore missed Halloween, Christmas and New Year.

The children met Giant African Snails, Gary and Bob; ten-year-old tarantula, Tabatha; Hermit Crab, Sheldon; Charlie the Corn Snake; Zebedee the Tree Frog and Buzz the rat.

Fran also took along a tub of around 300 snail eggs to show the children how snails are born and explained how tarantulas and snakes shed their skin as they grow.

The children were well behaved and very curious as they asked Fran lots of questions about what the animals eat, how they smell and what noises they make while others were brave enough to hold the creatures.