P6 pupils take part in special Enterprise event

P6 pupils took part in the special Enterprise event at Mintlaw Academy.

P6 pupils took part in the special Enterprise event at Mintlaw Academy.

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Primary 6 children from the Buchan area were recently invited to Mintlaw Academy to take part in an Enterprise event supported by the Mintlaw Chipper.

This event was organised and led by fourth year pupils, with some guidance from staff.

Mixing with pupils from a range of primaries, the pupils were put into groups which were tasked with creatingmerchandise for the forthcoming Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

The pupils had to discuss what merchandise they could create, buy the materials and then compete with the other teams in promoting and selling their prototypes to a group of fourth year buyers.

To complete the task propertly, the pupils also had ensure they organised their groups - assigning a role for each group member such as buying manager, financial manager, sales manager, quality control manager etc.

Paul Rawson, pupil support worker at Mintlaw Academy, told the Buchanie: “It was important everyone was included and had a job to do and the P6 pupils were really good ensuring everyone had a part to play.

“Crucially, pupils had the opportunity to develop skills they will need in their learning and work life such as leadership, organisational, presentation and teamwork skills.

“The event was thoroughly enjoyed by both the P6 and S4 pupils as they had the opportunity to experience work life in business. year pupils, with some guidance from staff,” added Paula.