Community council hits brick wall in cobbles bid

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PETERHEAD Community Council has come up against a brick wall in its bid to get the cobbles fixed at the Clerkhill shopping centre.

At its monthly meeting on Wednesday, members were told that despite following up several leads and writing letters to all shops involved, and contacting the owner of the buidlings, there had been little response to their efforts.

Community councillor John Brownlee said that investigations had revealed that the two largest outlets on the site - Ladbrokes and the Co-op - had said they did not have a repair clause within their lease and therefore were not legally obliged to contribute towards the cost of fixing the dilapidated cobbles.

And despite calling a meeting of the shops involved, only one person - the proprietor of Oasis - had turned up on the night.

Mr Brownlee told members: “I don’t think there’s much more we can do without the co-operation of the shops involved. “We’ve tried everything and we’re just getting nowhere.”

Community councillor Karen Brown agreed stating: “I think we should send out a letter to the shops involved saying that we have tried everything in our power to find a solution but have come up against a brick wall.”

Chairman, Graham Barron, said he was disappointed by the response from the shop owners.

“Surely you would think they would have a duty of care to their customers to ensure they have a safe passage into their store,” he said.

“However, I think we’ve done everything we can do and should now just close the matter.”

It was agreed that secretary, Gordon Farman, write to all the shops involved giving them details of what the community council had done in an effort to get the cobbles fixed.