Lochhead surveys storm damage across harbour

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SCOTTISH Rural Affairs Minister Richard Lochhead surveyed storm damage in Peterhead today (Monday).

The Minister visited the port after what is being described as ‘The Perfect Storm’ hit on Friday leaving chaos in its wake.

Around 30 residents were evacuated from their homes at Roanheads, while damage to the port is estimated to run into millions.

Mr Lochhead met with Nasar Rashid, whose fish processing factory MapCo Ltd was virtually demolished by the force of water which smashed into the back of it.

Mr Rashid told the Buchanie: “I am looking at at least between £4m and £5m worth of damage as there were all state-of-the-art machines in there.

“I employ 22 workers and I have agreed to pay them til Christmas but after that I will have to see what happens.

“All my paperwork is inside, invoices etc and I just can’t begin to estimate the damage caused,” he said.

Mr Lochhead said: “Everyone I have spoken to in Buchan told me that this was a storm the likes of which they have never before seen and the severity is evident by the devastation it has caused and the premises it has destroyed.

“It is a huge relief that no-one has suffered any injury onshore as a result of this storm, although there was, of course, a fatality offshore.

“Ministers are visiting areas affected to hear from local authorities about work undertaken to assess the damage and to ensure the integrity of harbours is ensured if another storm was to hit.”

He added that the Scottish Government would do all in its power to help the communities affected stating: “We want to ensure that our coastal defences are fit for purpose. It’s not just Peterhead - there are many smaller communities that need help too.”