Latest fish landings at Peterhead

tUESDAY, February 12 - 12 boats landed 5,139 boxes. Boats which landed were: Crystal River, Faithful, Tranquility, Aurelia, Maimai, Endurance, Daisy, Amity, Constant Friend, Acorn (C), Maracestina (C) and P&JJ (C).

Wednesday, February 13 - Eight boats landed, 4,720 boxes. Boats which landed: Castlewood, Attain, Summer Dawn, Golden Gain, Aalskere, Reliance, Elegance (C), Venture (C).

Thursday, February 14 - 12 boats landed 5,207 boxes. Boats which landed: Arcane, Arcturus, Ardent, Courage, Starlight, Starlight Rays, Fruitful Bough, Budding Rose, Lapwing, Fear Not, Ocean Venture, Norlan (C).

Friday, February 15 - Six boats landed 3,176 boxes. Boats which landed: Opportunus, Renown, Ocean Harvest, Harvester, Seagull, Celestial Dawn, Marigold (C).

Monday, February 18 - Ten boats landed 3,350 boxes. Boats which landed were Boy John, Rosebloom, Arcane, Daisy, Sunlight, Acquarius (C), Sparkling Star (C), Lochinchard (C), Adventurer (C), and P&JJ (C). (C)=consigned