Engineers of the future...

Inspiring engineers of the future at Mintlaw Academy last week.
Inspiring engineers of the future at Mintlaw Academy last week.

The Engineering Construction Industry Training Board is currently touring the country with its 2013 theatre in education roadshow.

And it stopped at Mintlaw Academy on Wednesday to promote STEM subjects and careers in engineering construction to pupils.

The interactive show aims to inspire young students and to inform them about the variety of exciting careers available in the engineering construction industry.

The theatre in education roadshow explains the importance of the engineering construction industry to our modern lifestyles and the exciting sectors that it encompasses, including: Oil & Gas, Nuclear Energy, Renewables and Chemicals & Pharmaceutical.

The fun and lively show demonstrates the education routes into the industry, explaining the benefits of both ECITB apprenticeships and university degrees.

David Edwards, chief executive, ECITB said: “The ECITB’s Schools Tour initiative is designed to raise the awareness of engineering construction careers.

“It is an innovative and exciting way to engage with young people and I am delighted the ECITB is able to showcase the industry in this way.”

The roadshow follows the lives of characters Tom and Jess highlighting the exciting opportunities that await them in the engineering construction industry.

The engineering construction industry is in the position to be able to offer exciting and well paid careers to young people.

The industry will require as many as 42,000 more engineers, scientists, technologists and skilled workers over the next ten years .

“It is therefore vital to the future of engineering construction in this country, that we raise awareness of the industry with young people,” explained Mr Edwards.

As part of the roadshow, teachers are provided with ECITB careers teaching support.

Lesson one, to be carried out with the students before attending the roadshow, introduces students to the idea of skill sets.

It also highlights the link between skills sets and career opportunities and finally introduces students to the idea of apprenticeships and university, the term ‘Engineering Construction’ and the name ECITB.

The second lesson plan, intended for students after attending the roadshow, explores the different pathways into the engineering construction industry and focuses on what careers goals they have and what they need to do to achieve them.